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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Help us redesign our website!

Our site is undergoing a change and we're hoping you can help! We've got a design contest running at Design Outpost - a great place to have work done because multiple designers produce artwork for you (logos, print work, websites, etc.) and you pick the one you like the best and then work directly with that artist.

We have four draft proposals already and we're wondering which you like best. Please feel free to comment below, but put the proposal number so we'll know which one you're talking about :)

Thanks for your help!
Princess Time Toys

Please Note: The girl on the swing, which is in several designs, is a movie. It won't work in these preview modes.

Here are the current draft proposals:

I'm leaning towards a combination of all the updates on Proposal #5 - do you like the fairy or princess better?



Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Ok, yeah right. Pick just one from those. They are all great. I think #3 is my favorite thought because of the castle. It is unique and really cool.

You can't go wrong with any of them though!

Babyluxe Dana said...

I love the "girlie" look of them all! So sick of boy stuff!! :)
But #2 is my fav!

Anna at Shoe Smitten said...

I like numbers 2 and 4! Very cute :)

Elizabeth said...

I like #2. The blue breaks up the pink nicely. I'm having my blog redesigned now, in similar colors - guess I'm partial :-) By the way, thanks for the tip on the designers - looking to redesign my main site so I'll check them out!

Rick Bucich said...

As a guy, I guess I bring a different perspective. My favorites are 4 & 5

Young Momma said...

I like six the best. I like that everything got it's own space without looking too cluttered. :)

marlynn said...

from a marketing and design standpoint, I'd pick #4 with half the text and less mini-graphics throughout OR #6 with something other than that pink striped background (maybe a pink that is a bit more complementary to the specific green and blue used, no stripes). Others are too cluttered; eye doesn't know where to look. what fun for you though! how exciting to have your site redesigned! good luck!

Casey said...

I like #4 (not the updated #4) you promote your products & encourage shoppers to continue shopping. You also promote your contests which bring customers in and makes them interact with your website. The picture is also a nice touch b/c it makes it more personal and the design is adorable!

Elizabeth Channel said...

They are all great but I do like 6, and I like the princess better than the fairy (but the fairy is cute, too).


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