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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Worried about Gustav? Here are some links of interest - Take Care!

Photo used with permission from @MarkMayhew Additional Photos

I'll be continuously updating these links - bookmark it to return later. Be careful and we're wishing you well - so worried for you all! We are NOT encouraging the people staying in LA against the evacuation orders by posting them here, we ENCOURAGE them to leave and fear for their safety. Please reconsider your decision. We don't need another Harry Truman!

RED LINKS ARE NEW SINCE LAST TIME PUBLISHED - 1:17 am Pacific Time 9/1 Website

Texas Responds - This site will serve as the State Portal to receive offers of non-cash donations such as goods and services. For those offering volunteer services, this site will direct you to the appropriate and official locations to do so. Please check back regularly.

  • Twitter posts with the word "Gustav" in them. See what's being said around the world about the hurricane on Twitter.
  • Another Twitter Gustav Search
  • @nhc_noaa - Hurricane Center Location National Hurricane Center - FL
  • Chicago Tribune reporters covering Hurricane Gustav @GustavReporter * photos
  • CNN Anchor using Twitter during the show @richsanchezcnn
  • @stbernardnews - looks to be unofficial - St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana
  • @lft411 - LFT411 allows anyone to post news from the area.
  • CNN Breaking News @cnnbrk
  • @urbanreporter Amani Channel - journalist, video producer, blogger, creator of and Pres. of photos
  • @MPBOnline- Mississippi Public Broadcasting
  • @foxnews
  • @gretawire- Greta Van Susteren Fox
  • @kjserrie - Fox News Correspondent, "Lafayette, LA. Live reports begin at 5 AM on FOX News Channel and some local FOX stations around the country"
  • @lineback - Field Producer at Fox News
  • @NBCNewsCrew - Network Photojournalist with NBC News covering stories for NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, The Today Show and MSNBC.
  • @thehomedepot - The Home Depot providing information on how to prepare your home for the storm and where supplies are being replenished in areas not evacuating but needing emergency supplies and which stores are extending hours because of the storm.
  • @RedCross - Official twitter stream for the American Red Cross. Shelter links and donation requests.
  • @hurricanes - Provided by
  • @NOLAnews - Latest news and updates from and the Times-Picayune
  • @MarkMayhew - Twitterer in New Orleans who says he's staying, photo of Mark Mayhew, Marks Flickr Photos of Gustav
  • @ithinkmedia - Blogger who's not evacuating LA
  • @msaizan- Location Baton Rouge, La.
  • @WestleyAnnis - Twittering as he evacuates
  • @lyndale23- Location Lafayette, LA
  • @Mules -Location the Big EASY
  • @donnagunter- Orange, TX - just informed they must evacuate
  • @kareng - Location New Orleans - as of Sunday morning, "not sure if we are leaving"
  • @GraceWilson - Location New Orleans
  • @ernieattorney- Location New Orleans
  • @GentillyGirl- Location New Orleans
  • @renaissancedoc- Will be tweeting from LA
  • @BFAS- National animal welfare organization on the ground in LA picking up abandoned and chained pets
Twitter Resources:
  • - use your voice to leave messages on Twitter, Blogger, Don't Forget the Milk, and Google Calendar.
  • - same thing - use you telephone to leave a voice mail that's submitted to Twitter in text with a link to your original recording.
Up-to-date Weather Information
TV Stations Broadcasting Online
Cameras - wanna watch from a safe distance? Here are cams focused around LA
Special Needs:
Parish by Parish Alerts
See the latest alerts for your area. Evacuation Guide


Holly (@mobienthusiast on twitter) said...

Great list! Please let your readers know that they can help by joining the Gustav Ning group at

Here are some others for mobile phones (iPhone, Sidekick, Blackberry, Treo, etc.): (National Hurricane Center)

I'll be posting more as I get them on

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