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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Princess Time Toys is Cookie Powered! Enter to win some!

The Platinum of Cookies *Giveaway*

We are cookie aficionados here at Princess Time Toys. We don't nosh on those gross grocery store bagged treats, we go for the full-fat, real-sugar, yummy wonderful cookies only found at gourmet shops and online webstores of deliciousness.

So, imagine our delight when we ran across a review of Platine Cookies by Tres Fun . They claim that Platine Cookies, a Venice, CA based cookie company, "offers the most fabulous, fresh, all-natural gourmet cookies we’ve ever tried! Freshly made in small batches and carefully hand packaged, these cookies come ready to present as the ultimate edible gift. We recommend the Platinum Standard for those I want to get you something really fantastic and clever kind of gifts. Trust me, your recipient will be impressed."

Tres Fun goes on to entice us with this description, "Chocolate gingersnaps! Ohhhh… chocolatey and a little spicy. I personally am still in a joy coma after having eaten them. We were lucky enough to have been treated to several varieties of their cookies and believe us- they were all out of this world, but I find myself having afternoon daydreams about the gingersnaps." Now who could resist that? Not us!

Want to experience your very own Platine Cookie joy coma too…for free? They’ve generously offered a fabulous prize for our Tres Fun readers: The platinum standard –an assortment of 2 dozen of our favorite cookies nestled in their signature platinum tin and shipped anywhere in the US!

We're bound and determined to win these cookies - if not, we'll be ordering them asap. There's nothing like a good cookie to get you through the day.

Giveaway closes August 21st

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