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Sunday, August 17, 2008

My First Avon Order as a Representative - So Much for Going Green!

Imagine my surprise when my shipping person called up to say to me, "So much for going green!". I had no idea what he was talking about as he mumbled something about catalogs and then hung up.

Yes, I'd been expecting catalogs with my first Avon order, 60 of them in fact, not something I'd call a crisis. I was also expecting lots of samples to send out, but surely that couldn't be the cause of his snarky call.

I hastened to the loading area to find him chucking boxes, and boxes of Avon product into the storage area. Wow, I must have ordered way more samples than I realized! No wonder my first order was a whopping $254!

As I got closer I saw with dread that save for two boxes, the rest were all catalogs! Worse yet, they're time sensitive and only good until September 9th! Trying to quell my sense of panic, I asked him if that was it. "Nope", there's 3 more waiting to come in.

Yep, I ordered 600, time-sensitive catalogs! He was right, so much for going green! I've been hassling the staff to reuse, recycle, and work smart and then I pull this EXPENSIVE blunder. When I told him it was a mistake, that just threw him into fits of laughter. I didn't think is was so funny - what to do with this massive pile of catalogs?

I thought about how to get rid of them. I imagined sitting in front of a grocery store begging people to take one (or 5), I thought about rolling them into fire logs for the winter, I even started sending them out to the people on my mailing list until I realized at $2.20 each for postage that was going to compound my mistake into one that could break the bank!

So, here I am, surrounded by 500 catalogs - 100 are on their way to new homes. Got any ideas on what to do with 500 dated Avon catalogs? If you'd like one (or 10) email me at, I'll be happy to send them on.


Lilith Silvermane said...

OMG honey!... Um... send them to a company that makes umbrellas, wastebaskets, etc out of magazines.. :(

Wow.. that is a ton of stuff.. good luck!

Deanna W said...

Start putting them in all stores, banks, any place around you. Thank goodness for Avon, I think you can go back two or three campaigns.
Good luck!!


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