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Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm an Avon Lady! So what's that got to do with

I became an Avon Lady to purchase the supplies I send to Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan at a discount  instead of full prices, which means I can buy more and add more soldiers to my list!  We sent 80 pounds of supplies last week and have 80 more this week. 

Lip balm with SPF and moisturizers and Avon's Skin so Soft Bug Guard with  Sunscreen* are the most requested products.  The Bug Guard is perfect for our soldiers because it combines both sunscreen and bug guard into one so there's less to pack and carry.  Space is a big issue.  It also handles the bugs well.  Many report that the mosquitoes are enormous and relief from them is important, so we stock up on plenty of that as well (it's on sale this week - half off!).  We finish the boxes with books, puzzles, and candy.  LOTS of candy!

I also like the purchase the Disney Princess lip balms as a special gift for our dress-up costume customers.  I think they're adorable, but then I love Disney, and they're softly scented but clear or just a pale transparent pink, so they're perfect for little girls who are playing dress-up.  Right now they're High School Musical instead of traditional princesses.  I'm hoping they go back to the princesses soon.

What I didn't know is that Avon has some really cool stuff!  I'm thrilled about being able to support with more items, but I'm also excited about all of the products Avon carries that I didn't know about. Shoes, clothes, home decor, and Disney princess stuff! 

As I try new products I'll write reviews - good and bad - just my take.  I've been doing it for quite awhile on  about random products by many manufacturers, this is the first time I'll be doing it for a target market.

I'm excited to get my Avon website up and to learn more about the products.  The first one I'm going to order and try is the new face system that is supposed to be on par with Proactive.  I'm nearly 50 and still suffer from breakouts. I'd be thrilled if I can find something to make my skin clearer.  I'll let you know how that goes.

If you have any questions about Avon or would like a catalog and samples mailed to you, just contact me at  - I'll be happy to mail them out.


*This is a fabulous sunscreen!  Pediatrician and dermatologist-tested. DEET-Free. PABA-Free. Very water-resistant, sweat-resistant. SPF 30 UVA/UVB

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