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Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Blog Cut Short - But Worthy of a Read

My Cancer

The Koppel Group/Koppel on Discovery

By Leroy Sievers

"After that day, your life is never the same. "That day" is the day the doctor tells you, "You have cancer." Every one of us knows someone who's had to face that news. It's scary, it's sad. But it's still life, and it's a life worth living. "My Cancer" is a daily account of my life and my fight with cancer."

Leroy Sievers appears to have lived a life well-lived and full of adventure, and when Cancer attacked, he shared with others and formed a community. His blog is so beautifully written, and his weekly podcasts so full the everyday details of living with cancer, but told with wit and warmth.

He became the leader of a community of people supporting each other - 30,000 strong. He was often quoted as saying that he was most proud of his blog, because of the community that formed around it. He blogged on his good and bad days in such a eloquent fashion. His wife's thoughts are posted as well and are such a deep and honest insight into what it's like to support your spouse while he fights for his life.

My own father died of cancer and was also a tall man like Leroy. Reading his blog reminds me so much of my father and our journey with cancer over 20 years ago.

Sadly, Leroy died today. Just days after making the decision to sign up for Hospice Care. His writing will be missed, but his blog is a living archive of his life, his loves, and those he left behind. His podcasts are still available and worthy of a listen as well as a video (posted above) along with his entire body of work.

Rest well Leroy and blessings to his wife and family. Thank you for caring enough to write for all of us - a primer of how to handle the end of life when it comes. You were a class act.

With love and remembrance.

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