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Friday, August 22, 2008

An afternoon of sheer delight - Harvesting the Garden & Eating with the Youngest

My youngest is away at college 5 hours away. He left a week ago Wednesday after being home for three weeks in the summer. When he left I went through the whole separation anxiety again...missing him and missing the family that we were. Being new to the whole empty nest thing last January, and having dealt with it for months, I was surprised at how much his leaving bothered me.

He calls regularly and thank goodness for the internet, but it's not the same as being in each others life and space everyday. I've been melancholy since he left and it was compounded by his older brother heading to France for an extended stay. So, in my state of blueness, imagine my surprise when he opened the door on Wednesday and said, "What's for dinner!", as if he'd never left at all.

Of course, he drove home to return his girlfriend, but I'll take a surprise visit any way I can get it. I rarely get to cook any more, so I was delighted that he was here for dinner. I'm a vegetarian, he's not. After checking out the garden to see what was ripe and ready to eat as well as the pantry for staples, we settled on steak for him and a Garden Burger for me. We then took the ripe cherry tomatoes, lettuce, blue berries and some very ripe raspberries and made two side dishes.

The first this yummy pasta salad - A tomato and basil pasta salad. We used the cherry tomatoes and left out a few ingredients (onions) which he doesn't like and basil since we didn't have any. I also added a generous helping of black olives to change it up just a bit to make it ours. I served it on a bed of fresh lettuce...yum! The second dish was a mix of apples, raspberries, blueberries, and yogurt topped with chopped pecans.

It was just the two of us because the DH was on duty, but it was just like the old days, kinda. I knew he was leaving in the morning and I'd miss him all over again.

I hope that it was a good memory for him, it sure was for me. I enjoyed the salad for a few days after he left and cried every time I ate it. Time for a hobby.


1 comment:

Amy said...

Thanks for joining in the contest, Connie! That sounds like a delicious salad and what a nice way to send some time bonding with your youngest.

Thanks again!


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